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Our values


We are fully committed and dedicated to our clients. We handle your questions and needs directly and efficiently.


In our relationship with clients, integrity and honesty are key principles. We fully adhere to our ethical principles.

Solid knowledge

Our practice is built on our solid academical knowledge and skills tested in our diverse practical experiences.


Every case is unique and requires creative legal thinking. We aim at creating the solution that fits your purpose.


We adhere to a rigorous management of our clients’ case. We strive to add value without waste of resources and time.


We understand the specific needs of our sovereign clients and are used to handle sensitive, political issues.


We create teams and solutions tailored to meet the demands of each particular case and remain flexible and sensitive to address changes and new needs.

FAR Avocats is based on seven fundamental values which we share and which we think should guide counsel and advocates in their day-to-day work with clients, and in particular with sovereign States. The pursuance and the respect of these values was one of the basic considerations that triggered our decision to create this firm.

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